What People are Saying

Dana Cree is a certified ice cream genius.

She’s a two-time finalist for the James Beard Award for Best Pasty Chef in the county, and her obsession with the sweet science brought her to literal ice cream college. Now she’s sharing all her homework: how to make any style, any flavor’ how to truly understand how ice cream recipes work; and how to tweak them to make your scoops smoother, creamier, chewier, brighter, richer, or simpler.

From classics like super-chocolaty chocolate or extra-fruity strawberry to irresistible new flavors like doughnut or bubblegum (fun fact: bubblegum flavor is a mix of banana, vanilla, orange and lemon), and with recipes for brilliant add-ins like cookie butter bits that melt instantly in your mouth, this just might be the greatest collection of ice cream recipes you’ll ever see. But with Dana’s simple, approachable explanations of the hows and whys of all the recipes’ inner workings, this will be the book that makes you an ice cream genius, too.

- Francis Lam